Dora “La Destiladora”’s Saga

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Last November it was the third anniversary of the arrival of our Still directly from Germany. When we saw her, we immediately and affectionately called her “Dora la Destiladora” (Dora the Still). 


However, the Dora’s saga started one year before when we sent frozen mangoes from Mazatlán to Vermon, British Columbia, Canadá, where our dear friend and famous master distiller Frank Deiter, used the distilling equipment at the “Okanagan Spirits” distillery ( Visit the Okanagan Spirits Website  http://www.okanaganspirits.com) tuto run some pilot tests fermentations and distillations and announced: “ It is not only possible to distill Mango, but the Aguardiente (Ardent Spirits) and the liqueurs are of high quality and absolutely unique”. Frank helped us designing Dora, a still that was manufactured by the Mûller Company, in Germany, which has been manufacturing stills for 3 generations (Visit the Mûller website here http://www.brennereianlagen.de/contents/en/firma/mueller.html)

destiladora-empaquetada We impatiently waited for the arrival of the still and when she finally arrived it seemed like the arrival of a long-awaited relative. She came to our hands properly packed and we immediately unpacked her and started assembling her. An interesting note regarding her arrivals is that Dora arrived to us without any assembling instructions, so putting together was a challenging but fun brain teaser. As you can imagine, being of German design, the pieces either assemble perfectly or they don’t assemble at all. This exercise helped us to get to know her in depth and to better appreciate the technology and its beautiful design.

Once Dora was finally assembled and the electrical and gas connections were completed, Frank came to Mazatl{an to train our team and from that time Dora hasn’t stopped working. Fernando Chiprot, born in Mazatlán and with a 20 year experience in Agave distillation using traditional methods and equipment in Mexico, is now the responsible for making her work and he always says that she is irreplaceable, we agree, we agree and we agree!!!!!
To celebrate this third anniversary I wrote some verses in Spanish that I want to share with you in English even though they don’t rhyme after the translation:

Manuel’s Verses for the inspiring Dora “La Destiladora”

Beloved Mexico
of exceptional richness
of legendary flavors
Recognized as world heritage                IMG_3528-225x300

The aromas of my land
we wanted to capture
and share with everyone
and thus Onilikan

Expert German engineers
designed for us
Dora “La Destiladora
that now accompany us

From Germany She arrived
to help us distill
The aromas of my land
in the heart of Mazatlán

The best technology you can buy
But always artisanal
and regional are the fruits
we decided to distil
We are not Tequila
But very proud to mention
The tasty flavors
Of our many Sprit

We are not Mezcal
But we are very proud
That it is all artisanal
Saludos y Salud…!!!!

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