About Us

Onilikan was born from a passion for Mexican culture, traditions, flavors and aromas, and from the desire to create something unique and fun.

A story to tell about Onilikan

Ten Canadian friends with varied business backgrounds came together to create a new venture based on a unique, fresh idea and sound investment principles, which could provide them with a rewarding semi-retirement project in Mexico. The founders were eager to experience and enjoy what Sinaloan agriculture has to offer, to add value to locally grown agricultural products, and contribute to their future retirement community in Mexico. Thus, ONILIKAN was born.

From the beginning we aimed to produce only the highest quality products made from local fruits. Frank Deiter, a German-born award winning Master Distiller and founder of Okanagan spirits in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada helped us get started.

From the onset the Onilikan founders sought to reflect their appreciation for Mexican culture and traditions, and therefore selected a company name derived from Nahuatl language, the tongue of the Aztec people. Similarly, they asked Rosendo Lopez Garcia, a Huichol artist, to create the design of our company logo using traditional indigenous symbols. Our artisan distillery is also designed and decorated to showcase our Mexican heritage. And all our staff is bilingual and welcome Spanish and English speaking visitors. 

Toneles de bebidas onilikan

Since no one in the world was making a natural mango liqueur we asked Frank if it could be done. We shipped him a batch of mangoes from Sinaloa and challenged him with the prospect of producing a fine mango liqueur. After a pilot scale test at his distillery, he said “Yes, it can be done.” Frank then agreed to help us import a copper pot still from Germany and set up our artisan distillery in Mazatlan. He offered his wealth of experience using European technology for producing fruit liqueurs and spirits. He also came to Mazatlan and trained our still master Fernando Chiprot, who already had almost 20 years of experience distilling agave using traditional Mexican equipment and methods.

Fernando quickly mastered the new still. As a result the distilling methods we use today are a very real blend of the finest European and Mexican traditions. This results in unique and flavorful products that showcase the best of both worlds.

Onilikan, con el Mejor Equipo de Licores Artesanales