Our artisan distillery is a unique destination in Mazatlan, where visitors are welcome to learn how we convert mango an agave fruit into premium liqueurs and spirits.

Location and Facilities

Onilikan is located in Mazatlan, often referred to as “The Pearl of the Pacific.” It is Mexico’s only colonial town on its western coast, and a city of 650,000 people which receives more than 1.2 million tourist visitors a year. Our distillery is located in the heart of the tourist corridor known as the Zona Dorada (Golden Zone), and just a stone’s throw away from one of Mazatlan’s most popular beaches, a fabulous location for a distillery.

Our new colonial style building is finished in warm Mexican colors accented with terra-cotta floor tiles, brick accents in the walls, and wooden ceiling beams. Our gorgeous German-made copper pot still, is proudly displayed in a domed section of the building specifically built to showcase its beauty. The display hall also includes a water feature and a colorful chandelier above the still, which we affectionately call “Dora” from the Spanish word “destilidorada” for still.

Fabrica de Onilikan en Mazatlan Sinaloa México

In the near future visitors will also have de opportunity to visit the farms where we source our raw materials and witness how they are harvested and processed before fermentation. This will enable us to develop ‘agritourism’ and support the rural communities of southern Sinaloa.

Toneles de bebidas onilikan

Our pride and passion for quality service and products is on full display from the moment you walk in the door. To honor our name ‘Onili’ and ‘Kan’, or ‘place of liquor,’ all the production, bottling and labeling of our liqueurs and spirits is done onsite.

Visitors seeking a one of a kind destination and unique experience in Mazatlan have the opportunity to tour the facility, observe the distillation process, and learn the difference between distilling for alcohol production and distilling to harvest the wonderful flavors and aromas of mango and blue agave. Visitors also have the chance to taste our products and learn how they can be used to prepare unique cocktails and delicious dishes.

Productos Onilikan en el interior de nuestra fábrica de Mazatlan