Christmas in Onilikan

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There’s no better time in the year than Christmas to appeal to tradition, happiness, generosity and hope. During this season our texts will narrate events and Christmas tales and we will be sharing some related recipes as we are trying them.


The main part of Christmas is the traditional dishes and drinks specially prepared to celebrate this festivity. For me, as a Mexican, the recipes that have accompanied my memories since my childhood include the Bacalao a la Vizcaína (Biscay style cod), Revoltijo a very unique and traditional seafood dish prepared with Romeritos, dry shrimp patties, potatoes and a mole sauce. Romeritos, in case you are not familiar with them are evergreen shrub that grows wild in marshy areas and to the best of my knowledge only used for cooking in Mexico.


The term romeritos would translate to English as “little rosemary” but has nothing to do with the Rosemary herb that we all know. We will share a full recipe for this delicious dish with you in the near future. Other better-known classical dishes during this time are of course, the very famous Stuffed turkey and the classical Tamales and on the sweet side the Rosca de Reyes (kings’ ring) and de Buñuelos (sweet fritter or profiteroles) and in the drink side we would have to mention the Rompope (eggnog) and the Ponche de frutas (Fruit Punch). It should be pointed out that, like in other typical Mexican recipes, these recipes of traditional Christmas dishes and beverages are the result of a mixture of cultures and ingredients that began before the Spanish Conquest and that have been evolving and improved generation after generation.

This time around we share with you an improved fruit punch recipe for Christmas using a shot of Onilikan fruit liqueurs:


Christmas with the Onili-Punch

• 5 liters of water
• 3 sliced apples
• 250 gr. of plum raisins
• 250 gr. of peeled tejocotes or crab apples
• 250 gr. of sliced guava
• 2 pieces of peeled sugar cane cut lengthwise
• 1 cinnamon stick
• ½ cup of Onilikan- Mango liqueur
• ½ cup of Onilikan- Arrayan Liqueur
• ¼ cup of Flor de Jamaica liqueur
• Piloncillo* to taste (depending on how sweet you want it)

* Powdered brown sugar



In a big pot boil water with the cinnamon stick. After it starts to boil add the apples, the tejocotes and the sugar cane. Boil them for 10 minutes and add the prunes and the guavas and left them boil for half an hour more. Then add the shot of the Onilikan fruit liqueurs.

To end we want to show you our Christmas tree made with the stainless steel cans that we use in the production of our spirits and liqueurs.

Saludos y salud


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