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The preparation of cocktails during the first decade of the new millennium has been revolutionized. Bartenders around the world are moving away from tradition and are using exotic ingredients, high-tech equipment, and innovative methods of preparation for the creation of flavours and textures that blur the differences between food and drink. Some of these cocktails are called edible cocktails.

Edible cocktails are part of the molecular mixology movement, a term used to define this new cocktail trend in preparing drinks using techniques that help intensify the sensory experience. In this mode, the bartender uses familiar ingredients but transforms them in such a way that solids become liquids and vice versa, foams are created, mists and infusions, all to intensify flavours, enhance textures, and offering presentations that exalt the senses.

As mentioned on a previous blog, the word “cocktail” is associated with any mixed drink containing a spirit the same applies to the edible versión, Drinks containing spirits are transformed into spheres, foam, bubbles, dust, gels, paper, marshmallows, ice cream, cotton candy that explode in the mouth.

More options for the same spirits

The creativity and imagination of bartenders these days are wonderful and endless. In restaurants and bars at the forefront of this modality, preparation techniques can be very complicated, using liquid nitrogen, special agitators, vacuum machines and so on. And the reality is that most of us do not have the inclination, money for investment or expertise in chemistry and physics in order to prepare these lush cocktails. However, there are other trends in the preparation of edible cocktails that are more accessible and less cumbersome. For example, preparing cocktail jellies and adding your favorite cocktail to ice creams, sorbets, and scrapes.

Making your own cocktail jellies requires some experimentation to get the right proportions of ingredients. It is recommend to use flavorless gelatin powder, seeking a consistency that is firm so that the finished product can be grasped with your fingers, yet gentle enough for the cocktail gelatin to melt in your mouth and not feel too gummy. It is also suggested that strong cocktails such as Martini be diluted to reduce the alcohol content and allow the gelatin to solidify to the desired consistency.

The principle for making cocktails as ice cream or sorbets, is more basic. For ice cream and sorbets, combine your favorite cocktails with a selection of ice cream or sorbet to complement the flavors of the cocktail, put them in a blender and add ice to taste. Then blend to desired consistency, serve in a cold cup or glass, and enjoy. For a scraping, add your cocktail in a glass with crushed ice and ready.

The most important thing to remember while enjoying this new modality of cocktails is that a good quality drinkable or edible cocktails requires good quality ingredients. The Onilikan spirits and liqueurs are ideal ingredients for preparing delicious cocktails either as drinkable or as edible.

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