From Tequila the Mezcal?

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Once upon a time it was easy to know what was what you were getting when you ordered a mezcal; if you asked for a mezcal from tequila you got a mezcal made ​​in the town of Santiago de Tequila in the State of Jalisco, where only blue agave is grown. This is congruent with the lyrics of a very famous Mexican song that was first sang by Jorge Negrete in the 1940 ‘ s in which it is clearly documented that the Tequila was a highly appreciated type of Mezcal since the lyrics said, ” From Cocula is de Mariachi, from Tecalitlán the music, from San Pedro lyrics, from Tequila the Mezcal ” etc.

Cocula claims to be the cradle of the Mariachi music, Tecalitlán is where the most famous exponent of that gender ” Mariachi Vargas ” was founded in 1890, and we assume that composers of that song liked the mezcales from the municipality of Santiago de Tequila.

At that time,  it was common to mention the place where the Mezcal was distilled, as was the case also with the Mezcal from a municipal district in Sonora known as Bacanora. But probably guided by marketing strategies both decided to distance himself from other Mezcals creating their own appellation of origen and in doing so,  including other municipalities and in the case of tequila even other states. So now,  when we ask for tequila you do not necessarily get one that comes from that municipality in Jalisco but it may come from Los Altos or even from Michoacán or Tamaulipas.  Yes, the appellation of origin for Tequila includes regions in Jalisco , Michoacán , Guanajuato , Nayarit, and Tamaulipas.

On the other hand and probably resented by the defection producers that used blue agave in the production of their mezcal, since then called “tequileros” , and to keep up with the trend,  some other Mezcal producing-states decided to obtain their own appellation of origin  for Mezcal . This latest designation of origin allows the manufacture of Mezcal in 8 specific regions of Oaxaca, Durango, Guanajuato , Guerrero, San Luis Potosi , Tamaulipas , Zacatecas, Michoacán but not in Jalisco. Moreover, as one can tell, the Agave tequilana  (blue agave) is apparently excluded in the varieties of agave that can be used to produce Mezcal (for more information visit http://mezcalphd.com/2012/05/how-many-agave-varieties-can-be-used-to-make-mezcal/ )

Then a curious thing happens I want  to point out to you. According to the NOM (Norma Oficial Mexicana) and appellation of origin governing the production of Tequila and Mezcal respectively, the part of the lyrics of the well-known and truly Mexican song ” Cocula ” reading ” de Tequila su Mezcal” no longer applies. Probably the new version should say ‘ de Tequila su Tequila “or alternatively ” de Oaxaca su Mezcal. ” Below we share a link in case you want to have a listening of the original before they think of changing it …..

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Click here for the videohttp://ow.ly/wXwQj


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