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Still on the spirit of sharing this December, I’m going to pass on to you a cocktail recipe prepared by an Onilikans friend in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canadá, Paul Buffel, during a pre-Christmas gathering.

Paul_s Bandida

As a background, let me tell you that our beloved friend Paul is that kind of person that pays attention to the smallest details including the use of a mobile phone application that helps him preparing cocktails, and on special occasions he experiments and designs his own recipes. Last month they happened to have one of these special occasions: he prepared one of these cocktails to taste it in a friends reunion to watch a Canadian TV program called “Dragons Den” where some of other very good friends from Onilikan, (The Whitehead family) were showcasing their company to the dragons in order to get funding for their company called “Untamed Feast”, that harvests, manufactures and sells products made from dried wild mushrooms.

 Deborah Haines, another dear friend and also an Onilikan partner, had brought some samples of our newest fruit liqueurs from Mazatlán to Saskatoon and, in order to make a good use of them, he had given them to Shaun and Paul, so they could experiment and create new cocktails that we could share with all of you.

This recipe we are sharing here is the first one and we hope that there’ll be more to come! They called it “La bandida” (“the bandit”) and it’s delicious. Its mango taste, despite being very gentle, dominates, and the other fruits imparted a lovely freshness. Paul says that the cocktail should be served decorated with one of those little sun umbrellas used to adorn and evoke the memories of the summer in the beach. However, this time they enjoyed this cocktail in a cold Saskatoon November day so it proved to be very versatile.

What I’m not sure about and I’ll surely ask next time I get the chance is the reason for calling it “La bandida” (The bandit”), because, as you may know, in Mexico this word has a lot of connotations, such as:

Bandida-a perverse person
Bandida- a person that assaults
Bandida- affectionately to say “I love you bandida”
Bandida- like naughty and adventurous
Bandida- that belongs to a Band (maybe a band of friends)

Which of these ones do you think goes with the recipe? I think it’s the last one. Never mind, just enjoy it,

bandidaLa Bandida

  • 1 oz Onilikan Mango Liqueur
  • ½ oz. Onilikan Lemon Liqueur
  • 3 drops of Grapefruits Angostura Bittered Sling
  • 6 oz fresh juice made of 1/4 of pineapple, 1 orange , ½ lemon (enough to prepare 3 cocktails)

Shake it up together with ice in a cocktail shaker and serve it with ice cubes.

Regards and Cheers!

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