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I left Mexico City when I was 20 years old (almost 40 years ago) and for many different reasons my trips to visit family and friend were infrequent but every time I did visit I was always impressed with the constant transformation of this great city, including the quality and range gastronomic offering.

Unfortunately whenever I visit my hometown I’m on the run, unable to take time to explore the different areas of the city. Luckily this time I came across a tour in Polanco managed by “Mexican Food Tours” that in the course of 2 hours allowed me to appreciate the great gastronomic offering that you can have in this city.  In little more than two hours walk to 6 different stores in the Polanco area, I probably would have discovered only after weeks of arduous search. My tour began on “Barro Negro “(Moliere # 48) restaurant where I met my guide Luis Vazquez, who gave me a brief and very clear explanation of what should expect in the tour and immediately we started the culinary feast.

  • Flavors of Mexico and a little more

Barro Negro features Oaxaca cuisine and as soon as I glanced at their  menu,  I realized the Oaxacan authenticity of the place while wondering what should I eat? Fortunately, Luis solved my dilemma by suggesting what I should taste there; otherwise I would have taken at least half an hour to decide. The tasting consisted of a typical Tlayuda (crispy tortilla Oaxaca) greased with pork crumbles and topped with Oaxaca melted cheese, then they offer me 3 types of mole (black, mancha manteles and coloradito ) who I gladly tried with the help of some tortilla chips, and for drinking I had a tall glass of a refreshing  “Yerba Santa” water, the combination filled me with many memories from visits to the beautiful city of Oaxaca. It was about an hour before lunch time Luis mentioned to me that we needed to rush to our next stop because on his words “this place gets so crowded at lunch time you cannot even enter”.  The name of the place is ” Turix ” that if you would let the appearance of the place guide your decision you may not venture to eat there but Oh my god! What delicious tacos of “Cochinita Pibil” they make, really one of the best cochinita dishes I’ve ever had and habanero chili sauce was not far behind hot and spicy. Across the street we enter Tamalli a place specializing in making tamales, I ate the green sauce one, but doesn’t matter the flavor you choose, the dough is perfectly cooked. Fortunately the other three places we visited were a little far away and we had to walk there so that helped me make room for what was to follow.

During the walk, Luis enlightened me about the history of this unique neighborhood and how it was changing from exclusive residential cosmopolitan area that connects art galleries, boutiques, corporate offices, jewelers and car dealers luxury, gourmet shops, market, fancy restaurants and a stand, making Polanco a magnet for Mexicans and tourists. The tour I did a Saturday so the streets were filled with families out enjoying a sunny day and beautiful green spaces that also offers the neighborhood.

Our next stops were a bar, a chocolate and an ice cream place. In the bar “La Surtidora “I had a delicious “Villamelon taco” (jerky, sausage, and pork skin) served with mezcal from the house, at the “Roxy’s”  ice cream shop I savored a rich  apricot sherbet. Both places worth visiting, however, the destination that most impressed me was the chocolate place named ” Que Bo”, the shop where you can find delicious chocolate creations of Chef José Ramón Castillo, recognized as the pioneer of Evolutionary Mexican chocolate, which marks a new way of producing and consuming chocolate in Latin America, combining traditional techniques with a knowledge of modern kitchen and incorporating Latin and Mexican flavors. Here enjoy 2 delicious pieces of chocolate, one with a delicate tamarind filling and the other one solid, to top it all accompanied with a shot of mezcal as if they had read my mind, because I always recommend pairing of flavors of chocolate with agave spirits and specially with Onilikan’s Agave liqueur that won a bronze medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2012, I recommend it.

Saludos, Salud, y Suerte

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