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Onilikan recently visited a great restaurant in Gastown Vancouver, Canada. It’s called “Cuchillo” (Spanish for knife), and soon realized the appropriateness of the name. The place is very strong and well worth the visit.

Chef and owner Stu Irving’s flair is showcased all over, from the service and ambiance to the food and drink offerings. The menu features Nuevo Latino style cuisine at very reasonable prices. And you can easily tell that the Nuevo Latino cuisine is not new for Chef Stu, as shown by the selection of ingredients and styles in their menu. You can’t go wrong in selecting from a menu that combines the best cuisine different Latin countries have to offer.

We decided to mixed it up.started with a Peru-influenced ceviche prepared with local Albacore Tuna and yuca frita, which by the way remained me of the best fried yuca I ever tasted when we lived in Costa Rica, served with lemon and roasted garlic aioli. Next we went for the Mexican Baja style fish tacos, served with a delicious Chipotle aioli and a refreshing jicama slaw. For the main dish we went with the Argentinean touch, bison ribeye broil served with a great green apple chimichurri sauce. Desert was not listed in the menu so we asked Chef Stu. He said they only had one desert, and he offered to bring one to share. He did and we were not disappointed, it was probably the only desert that would be recognizable in every country in Latin America “Dulce de Leche” with Churros for dipping.

Onilikan on flights Knife Restaurant

The drink menu also contains a great selection of cocktails using a variety of Latin-American spirits, including: pisco from Peru, cachaça from Brazil, Habana club from Cuba and tequila, mezcal, and aguardiente de agave azul from Onilikan, Mexico. They also offered a number of “agave flights”. For those of you that are not familiar, a “drink flight” gives commensals the opportunity to taste and contrast different spirits in one sitting. Flights have become a popular way for tasting at restaurants and bars and are a way of learning about a brand by tasting different products from the same brand or about a spirit by tasting the same spirit from different brands, or about the same type of spirit made using different traditions.

The Cuchillo drink menu offers some very interesting flights: The agave flight “Mil Mascaras” gives the opportunity to taste Mexican mezcal prepared from 3 different agave varieties, and the flight “Agave Dos Caras” which includes our Onilikan Aguardiente de Agave Azul, and is accompanied with a tequila and a mezcal, thus giving the opportunity to taste the 3 agave spirits prepared using 3 very different traditions. The Onilikan Agave Azul Aguardiente is prepared using the European traditions for preparing fruit spirits, whereas the mezcal and the tequila are produced using their respective Mexican traditions.

do not forget to visit the site of this restaurant: http://www.cuchillo.ca/


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