Onilikan Mango Aguardiente Spirit and Coca-Cola = “El Zorro Negro” Cocktail

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It’s been estimated that 7 out of 10 drinks sold in Mexico are sodas and all over the world the coke-flavored ones are the most popular, with Coke and Pepsi being the best known.   Without doubt Coca Cola from coke is the most renowned product as it is widely distributed: it can be purchased in 205 countries. In Mexico, Coca Cola also tops the ranking of drinks and to prove it suffice to mention that this year our country has been awarded the title of the world’s largest consumer of Coca Cola, apparently this soda can be found in 99% of Mexican homes.

 The popularity of Mexican Coca Cola’shas crossed our country’s borders to the north and believe it or not is competing with US- made product in own country of origin.

The glass-bottled Coca Cola with Spanish labeling was first introduced in The United States approximately 10 years ago in order to meet the demands of the Mexican consumers that claimed that the US-made Coca Cola tasted very different from the one back at home. Soon the Mexican-made soda started to be commercialized in different region of the country and the market for this soda continues to grow despite being twice as expensive as the one produced in the US.

Why do people prefer the Mexican Coca-Cola?

Maybe because of the different sweeteners used in each country. Sugar cane is used in Mexico, whereas in the US they use corn syrup. However, the Coca Cola Company has officially stated that there is absolutely no taste difference between the 2 products.

 Sorry I digressed, I just wanted to make the point that without any doubt, Coca Cola is a very popular soda and frequently used as a cocktail mix.  Probably the most famous ones are the Cuba Libre (white Rum with Coke and a dash of Lemon), the Jack and Coke, the Crown and Coke, the different versions of the Long Island Ice Tea.  However, there are lesser known but as tasty such as the very Mexican Charro Negro (White Tequila with Coke and a dash of Lemon).

 Today we want to share with you Onilikan’s humble contribution to the long list of cocktails made with Coca-Cola the “Zorro Negro” (“Black Zorro”) cocktail,

El Zorro Negro

– 1 – 2 Oz of  Onilikan Mango Aguardiente

– 6-8 Oz of Coca Cola or another coke-flavored soda. If you have Toni Col on hand, use it.This coke-flavored beverage is just as sinaloense as our Mango Aguardiente Spirit.

– The juice of ½ lemon (optional)

Serve over ice


Saludos y salud


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