Sinaloa flavours in our liqueurs

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The tradition of producing liqueurs using fruits and other aromatic ingredients of the region is documented from the XIV century in Italy and later in France and the rest of Europe.


At the beginningthe intention was to use spirits to prepare potions or medicinal elixirs and probably the flavours weren’t very good, so I guess they started to mix them with fruits to improve the flavour and sugar to make them sweet. Then the liqueurs got to the high society and finally their consumption got popular, however in many cases the production methods have been remained in secret.

For reasons that escape common sense and documented history (at least I have not been able to find) the tradition of produce this types of refined liqueurs didn’t find its way to our continent.  When the Americas finally started making liqueurs by enlarge they skipped the traditional way of making them and the most of these liqueurs are prepared by a technique called “Essence Method” in which extracts and colorants are added to an alcohol base (generally gain, sugar cane and more recently tequila). This extracts are marketed like powders, syrups and concentrates to prepare beverages with unimaginable flavours. These flavouring extracts are made with natural or artificial ingredients that when dissolved in water and alcohol provide sensory characteristics (taste, color, smell, and consistency of the drink). This sensory characteristicdepends of the sweetness of the added sweetenersof the acidity that give the acids present, natural and artificial flavouring agents, as well as preservatives.


The climate and land so special in Sinaloa, can grow any kind of fruits such as mangoes, all imaginable citrus trees, coconut, lychee, guava, berries and so forth. In Mazatlan Artisan Spirits Onilikan use these regional fruits to make liqueurs respecting the traditions of yesteryear. Everything we use is 100 % natural and in contrast with industrial manufacturers we prepare our fruit liqueurs using maceration techniques just as those used by the monks of those yesteryears times. The alcohol base used by Onilikanto manufacture our seasonal fruit liqueurs comes from 100% regional mango that has gone through a double distillation after gentle fermentation of just pure pulp. The alcohol concentration that we obtain after the second distillation is approximately 85 %, which is optimal to macerate fresh fruits.  After a prolonged period of time the macerate is gently pressed, diluted with double distilled water, sweetened with refined sugar and filtered to make the final product. Thus we prepared liquors lemon, mandarin, lychee, arrayan berry, and hibiscus blossom using mango alcohol as a base (the only ones in the world doing this).  We will continue to explore and bring new products for your enjoyment.  In the works are: coconut,tamarind, chocolate and other that we prefer to keep as surprises.

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